Puppetrama-Tales Unleashed

In a delightful fusion of creativity and expression, students of grade III participated in an exhilarating intra-class storytelling competition ‘Puppetrama-Tales Unleashed’ on Monday, 06 May 2024. With puppets as their companions and props as their allies, this event not only encouraged creativity but also fostered confidence and communication abilities among the young participants.

The competition was organised on 06 May 2024 in the school auditorium which transformed the stage into a colourful and vibrant space adorned with various props and puppets.

The stories presented varied widely, encompassing traditional folk tales, modern fables, and even original narratives crafted by the students. This diversity highlighted the rich imagination and cultural awareness of the young storytellers.

Ms Parmeet and Ms Sushmita judged the competition based on various criteria, including creativity and originality, confidence, voice modulation and enactment, use of puppets and props and clarity of speech. Judges evaluated each performance with careful consideration, providing constructive feedback to encourage the growth and development of each participant.

The result of the same is as follows:

Name of the StudentClass & SectionPosition
Ojasvi JainIII AFirst
Aarna HandaIII BSecond
Hridya BhutaniIII CSecond
Aleesha NoorIII AThird
Koransh KashyapIII BThird
Harshika PathakIII AConsolation
Feshika GoelIII DConsolation
Rafia KhanIII DConsolation


PAGE TO STAGE an intra-section competition was organised for the students of class V.

The students participated with enthusiasm and presented role play of their favourite characters from Disney Series with superb articulation and confidence. Their presentation was judged by Ms. Bhavneet Kaur and Ms. Shalini Verma on the following parameters- Creativity, Dialogue delivery, Costume and Overall presentation.

The results are as follows:–

Name of the Student Class & Section Position
Shivaan Gupta V A First
Prabhneet Kaur V D Second
Aryan Batheja V D Second
Deesha Chouhan V A Third
Balya Guha V D Third

Story Loom

Story Loom, an intra-section comic strip making competition was held for the little geniuses of class IV. The participants were at their creative best as they made interesting comic strips with their favourite Disney characters.

The competition was held on Friday, 3 May ’24. They meticulously crafted scenes of humour, adventure and friendship, weaving intricate tales within the frames of their comic strips. Six comic strips were selected from each section for the Final Round of judgment.

Children participated with enthusiasm and made interesting comic strips with the cutouts of Disney characters and their dialogues.

The contestants were adjudged on their creativity, neatness and overall presentation.

The judge for the event was Ms Anju Jaitley.

The objectives behind the competition was to generate an interest in reading storybooks and to provide the students a platform to showcase their talent.

The results of the competition are as follows:

Name of the Student Class & Section Position
Airik Banerjee IV A First
Adrija Sengupta IV D Second
Divisha Gulati IV C Second
Tashi Gangwar IV B Third
Vihaan Pandey IV C Third
Jaywardhan Deshpande IV C Consolation
Riddhima Sengupta IV A Consolation

Arty Scales

The students of Class-I participated in the Intra-class ‘Arty Scales’ competition. The students presented their creativity on an A4 size drawing sheet. They have drawn their favourite Disney character. They won the hearts of the judges with their exuberance and enthusiasm!

The competition was judged by Ms. Kavita Chopra.

The result is as follows-

Name of the Student Class & Section Position
Hridhan Sharma I C First
Rutvik Prajapati I B Second
Aaradhya Verma I C Second
Saisha (ID) I D Third
Kushal Ambavta I A Third
Arunima Mudgal I A Consolation
Tenzin Jamyang Dorjee I D Consolation

Clay Modelling

An intra-class Clay Modelling competition, ‘Clay Dazzle’ was organized for class II students on 26 April 2024.

The theme of the competition was Life on Earth-(Flora and Fauna).
Children showcased their creativity and imagination through the means of clay dough.

The judgment was done by Mr. Das, Clay modeling Instructor on the basis of the following:

Creativity, Neatness, Presentation

The results of the same are as follows.

Name of the StudentClass & SectionPosition
IshaniII CFirst
Kohana SinghII ASecond
Zorawar RainaII BSecond
Fatma ZehraII BThird
Saisha BehlII DThird
Shouvik Das GuptaII AConsolation
Insiya FatimaII AConsolation

Inter-House Board Designing Competition

The Inter-House Board Designing Competition for classes VI-XII was organized on Thursday, 25 April 2024. The theme for the same was “From Trash to Treasure”. The participants were expected to use waste materials to decorate their boards. They were judged on the criteria of creativity and originality, aesthetic appeal and neatness, relevance to theme and usage of waste material, and overall impact. All the houses came up with extremely unique ideas, interpreting the theme in their own ways.

The results of the competition are as follows :-

  • First position – Shanti House
  • Second position – ShaktiHouse
  • Third position – Ekta House

Inter House Fashion Design Competition

The Inter-House Fashion Design Competition for classes IX-XII was organized on Wednesday, 24 April 2024. The theme for the competition was, ‘Elemental Elegance: Fire, Water, Air, Earth.’ Participants were required to design and create two looks, one male and one female, representing a fusion of two of the elements. In keeping with the Earth Week, participants also used upcycled materials and natural dyeing techniques in their outfits. The competition was judged by school alumni, Aqsa Shaad and Sreesha Suresh. The event was a resounding success as each house created looks that were not only aesthetically pleasing, but also truly impactful!

The results of the competition are as follows:

  • First Position – Ekta House
  • Second Position – Shakti House
  • Third Position – Pragati House and Shanti House

Laugh Out Loud Competition

The Inter House Laugh Out Loud competition for classes VI-VIII was organised on Thursday, 18 April 2024. The theme for the competition was, ‘Superstitions and Beliefs.’ The competition was judged by Ms Charanjeet Kaur and Ms Preeti Garg. The participants charmed the audience with their witty views on the topic and included humorous anecdotes from their own lives which resonated with the audience.
The results of the competition are as follows:

  • First position : Ekta House
  • Second position : Shakti House
  • Third position : Pragati House
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