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An Educational Trip to Humayun's Tomb

As a part of the “Education Through Monuments” project introduced by CBSE, students of class VII went to Humayun’s Tomb for a school trip on 17 August 2023.The trip aimed to enhance historical understanding and architectural appreciation. The students marveled at the Mughal masterpiece’s intricate design and learned about Emperor Humayun’s legacy. The students took part in various activities related to different subjects which were integrated to the chosen monument – Humayun’s Tomb. This experience offered a valuable blend of history and culture, enriching the students’ learning beyond the classroom.

An Educational Trip to Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

An educational trip to Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute was organized for class XII Psychology students on 8 August 2023 with the aim of enhancing students’ understanding of mental health, reducing stigma and promoting empathy and awareness among young minds. Dr. Shanu Srivastava, a clinical psychologist, discussed different cases of stress and trauma, OCD, depression, anxiety, PTSD. She also shared how her patients were both physically and psychologically affected by road accidents and spinal cord injury and how counselling is of utmost importance for these patients. The students were shown how rapport formation with patients is done and how counselling sessions are held with the help of role plays. The students were exposed to the rehabilitation centre and were shown the different exercises done with patients. The trip provided students with an opportunity to learn about different aspects of mental health, interact with mental health professionals and gain insights into the experiences of individuals facing mental health challenges.

A Visit to the International Dance Fest in Dubai

Students went to Dubai to participate in the International Dance Fest.  After the event students visited different places of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They visited Dubai Library Al Jaddaf Visit, Business Village, Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari world photo stop, Visit Emirates etc. It was really a very memorable and special trip for all of the students and teachers. TIS family will eagerly wait for more such International events and tours in future.

Vision Quest March 2023 edition- Broadening our Vision and Horizon

Our school students Arsh Ali (XD) and Divjot Kaur Mavi (XIIB) got a chance to interact with Prof. Jyoti Kumar, Department of Design UX Lab/ Social Innovation Lab/ Divine Lab, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, and Dr. Himanshu Gupta Director of Education at Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Rouse Avenue, Mandi House.

A Visit to the UPES University in Dehradun

Ms. Jayalakshmi, Computer Science Faculty visited the UPES University in Dehradun, along with a team of 22 teachers from Delhi and NCR. She had the opportunity to interact with the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the university. The purpose of the visit was to explore the various academic options available to school children. During the visit, the team was taken on a tour of the university and visited various departments including computer science, liberal arts, conventional engineering, law school, and new age digital media. They explained the concept of students creating their own degree and had an option of choosing 2 majors for their degree.

Students have a free hand to explore and experiment with the machines. They have state-of-the-art infrastructure and the quality of education offered at the university was very impressive. Their focus is to recognize the unique talents and abilities of each individual.

Teachers gained  valuable insights into the academic options available to school children and the importance of recognizing individual potential. The visit was a step towards building a stronger academic community and fostering partnerships between schools and universities.

A Visit to the College of Art

On 24 April 2023, students of class XI A and XII A visited the College of Art, Tilak Marg, New Delhi. It was the 67 th annual Art exhibition displaying exquisite and appealing artwork by a number of art students. All students observed new mediums, techniques, paintings, digital art, commercial art, sketches, sculptures, installations of waste material in sustainable ways and so on.
We also interacted with the sculptors and painters who gave us insights about the deep meaning of their work. The paintings had a different perspective to them covering the issues in today’s world .It’s a wonderful experience, we learnt a lot while enjoying everything and would like to visit again.

An Interactive session with Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia at Shiv Nadar School

10 students from our school were given the golden opportunity to attend the meet and greet with Padma Vibhushan awardee Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia at Shiv Nadar school, Gurgaon. It was an interactive session where Dr.Ahluwalia talked about his life’s journey, the Indian economy and his book Backstage: The Story Behind India’s High Growth.Through his  experiences we were able to get a idea about how the Indian economy works and what can be done for its betterment.It was followed by a Q&A session in the end.Overall  It was an insightful session,where the students studying economics got to learn new concepts and enhance their knowledge.

A Visit to Purana Quila

A visit to Purana Quila was organized on Thursday, 6 April’ 2023 for the history students of class XII to witness the excavations being carried out in Purana Quila.  

The archaeologist on the site gave students insight on how the area to be excavated is determined.

Firstly, archaeologists explore inscriptions and literary texts. Or they may use GPR (ground penetrating radar) which identifies anomalies, different from the texture of natural soil underground. Thirdly, they try identifying mounds or high levels of land. These mounds may develop as people live in a place and discard objects and the like. Thus, the highest points of these mounds and the slope which is near a water source are important points for excavations. They reveal objects in chronological order, from one civilization to another. This is what makes the Purana Quila complex an important site for it lay on the eastern bank of the Yamuna river in ancient times.

Students were briefed on what is identified as early, mature, and late civilization.

The archaeologist explained the two excavation methods, vertical and horizontal. One first selects a 10×10 ft area divided into 4 trenches of 5x5ft.Vertical excavation involves exploring where the earliest period goes to, examining the natural soil, deeper as one proceeds. Horizontal excavation involves digging a trench and expanding the area in terms of length and breath. Once a structure is found, horizontal expansion comes to a halt and vertical expansion can take place.

Furthermore, knowledge of pottery is extremely important for an archaeologist to determine the context, function and significance of pieces of pottery that are discovered.

Students visited the two museums within the complex which housed remarkable artifacts of stone, burnt clay, terracotta and the like those of mythological figures like brahma, ornaments, seals, pottery, heavily jeweled women and much more.

The interactive concourse ignited the inquisitiveness of students and gave them a very close insight into the work of archaeologists.

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