Special Achievements

Congratulations to Tania Besoya

Tania Besoya XII A won a Gold medal in 400m and a Silver medal in 200m in Delhi State Race. She was
also selected on National Level where she secured 4th rank.

All India Open Karate Championship

In the Event All India Open Karate Championship Organized by ISKF (International Shotokan Karate
Federation) Yuvraj Lalwani of III D got First position for which he received one trophy, one gold medal and
certificate. In the same event he won third position with one bronze medal and a certificate.

Congratulations Arsh Ali, Sadhna Vijay, Lavanya Bhonde and Sarayu

International Award: Creators of Tomorrow Challenge Arsh Ali-11c, Sadhna Vijay -11c, Lavanya Bhonde-11d and Sarayu-11d secured 3rd position

Congratulations Arsh Ali

International Award: In the event SAEC 2024, Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge, Arsh Ali-11 C received LINKEDIN PRIZE #SAEC2024

Delhi Amateur Boxing Championship

In this competition organized by South District Viren Chhabri IX B (represented North C district and Jaitpur Boxing Academy) received Bronze medal and certificate of merit.

Shito-Ryu Karate Do Belt Test

In this competition organized by Karate India Association Atharv Khanna VI A received Best Performance Award (trophy and certificate).

DGC Annual Jr Golf Tournament (2022-23)

This event was organized by Hyundai India Golf Tournament. In this event Ikvir Bhasin XI got 1st position in Boys U-18 with a trophy and 2nd with silver medal and certificate.

Dreams to Gold: Juhi Singh, Delhi's Dynamo, Strikes Victory at SAFF Championship!

Juhi Singh, a stellar athlete from Tagore International School, clinched gold at the Under-19 SAFF Championship in Dhaka, Bangladesh, showcasing exceptional talent. The lone representative from Delhi in the national team, Juhi’s triumph is a testament to her remarkable prowess on the field.

Achievements of Aahana Jawa of VIII C

She represented Delhi State in Girls Under-14 National Football Championship, which was held in Belgaum, Karnataka in September 2023-24. Delhi won the runners up position in the same. 

Manav Besoya Shines Bright at CBSE Athletic Meet!

Congratulations to Manav Besoya for the remarkable achievement of securing the gold medal in 800m run at the CBSE Cluster 8th Athletic Meet 2023-24 in Chhattisgarh! His victory not only brings honor to the school but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. Manav’s commitment to excellence and his outstanding performance in this prestigious event make us immensely proud of his accomplishment!

Congratulations Shreyas

Shreyas Cherukapally, our prodigy in the making, played for Delhi State Team in the Hero Sub Junior Boys National Football Championship2023/24, at Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh!

Congratulations TIS students

Our school recently participated in the Bhoomi Festival organized by the renowned Navdanya group, under the leadership of the alternate Nobel laureate, Dr. Vandana Shiva. Our students truly shone in this unique and enlightening event. Our school received the highest praise and appreciation from all the distinguished guests and dignitaries in attendance. Among them were scientists, retired judges, filmmakers, and organic farmers from across the globe. Participants from Tagore International School, EOK are:

Workshop : Zarin X C and Shaamir Iqubal X C

Exhibition : Anya Pattnaik X C, Kanzah Fatimah X C, Sarayu X C, Arnav Rewari X C

Dance Performance: Anika Sharma – X A, Aadya Suri – X A, Sagarika Nayak – X A, Ananya Chetal – X C, Jini Pukhrambam – XI A, Shivika Gusain  – XI A , Bhawika Bareja – XII D, Advika Narula – XII D , Roshni Sharma – XII A, Drishti Koli – XII A and Tanisha Singh – XII – D

Congratulations Harnoor Kaur Sandhu

Harnoor Kaur Sandhu X C, Was awarded ‘Special mention’ at the ALTIOR MUN, the largest Model United Nations in Indian history, boasting over 2000 delegates overall and an impressive 150 in her committee, UNHRC. The honor comes with a cash prize of 3000 rupees, and the cherry on top is the promise from the chief guest, Manoj Tiwari, to visit the Parliament of India! It is highly commendable as she had registered in the event on her own!! 

Congratulations to Taekwondo Students

Mannat Hora IX C, Arav Kamboj IX B, Adinath H Nair IX D, Gauransh Sharma IX B, Aayan Siddiqui IX B, Reyansh Kumar IX A have Successfully completed the Black Belt Den I. They got the certificates and license of Black Belt Den I. They are also registered on the official website of KUKKIWON.

Congratulations to Shaurya Pandit of IXA

Some recent achievements of Shaurya in the field of cricket are:

  • He won player of the match award against Madan lal cricket academy for 76 runs and 1 wicket.
  • He won Fighter of the day award for 110 runs and 1 wicket against Vibs cricket academy.
  • He won Fighter of the day award for 37 runs and 2 wickets against Vijay Dhaiya Cricket academy.
  • He won Man of the match for making 83 runs (not out) and for taking 3 wickets.
  • He was awarded best batsman of the series for 255 runs.
  • He was awarded Man of the series for 255 runs and 5 wickets.
  • He was awarded Man of the match for 142 runs against City cricket academy.
  • He won Fighter of the day award for 36 runs and 2 wickets against KGF.
  • He became Man of the match for 82 runs not out and 2 wickets.
  • He became Man of the series for 138 runs and 5 wickets.

Congratulations Ainesh

Self-composed poem of Ainesh Kamasundaram VIII C was published in Hindustan Times dated 30 August 2023 under the category “Verse Zone”

Rising Stars in the World of Sports:

Tagore International School, East of Kailash, is not just a school; it’s a breeding ground for champions. Our commitment to sports excellence, coupled with a holistic approach to education, has allowed our students to shine on and off the field. As we continue to nurture the next generation of athletes, we are confident that our school’s legacy of sports excellence will endure for years to come. Our school has established itself as a powerhouse in sports.TIS has consistently dominated local, regional, and national and international sports competitions.  We are proud of our sportspersons who have their own trails to blaze!
They are-
1. Dalima Chibber, our Alumni, has been selected for the prestigious Asian Games Tournament, taking place in Hangzou, China. 
2. Juhi Singh, is playing in the AFC Under17 Women’s Asian Cup Qualifiers Round 2, which is to be held in Buriram, Thailand.
3.Purvi Gupta is playing for the Delhi State team in Hero Junior  Girls National Football  Championship 2023/24, conducted by All India Football Federation!
4. Tania Besoya and Manav Besoya are participating in National Athletics Camps, set up by AFI.
5. Ahana Jawa has represented the Delhi State Team in the Hero Sub Junior Girls National Football Championship 2023/24, conducted by All India Football Federation.

Taekwondo Chapionship (Under-17) North-India

In this Championship Sarthak Pundora of XII A won Gold medal at Vidya Deep School, Bhajanpura.

3rd Challenger (U-12) Cricket Competition

In the championship organized by Creative Stars Academy Drishya Raj Choudhary of VIII B got the Runners Up trophy.

State Challenge Cup Shito-Ryu Karate Do Championship

In this championship Bhavamanyu Bhardwaj Sharma of VIII A Won the Gold medal and Atharv Khanna of V C won the silver medal.

Football Championship (KASPAC League)

In the Championship organized by Kalka Sports Prithvi of V C won 1 bronze and 1 gold medal, 1 certificate , secured 3rd position and was awarded ‘Best Player’ in U-11 category.

SBKF 8th National Games 2023

In these games Navanya of V B won 3rd position in 100m flat race and 3rd position in 60m flat race for which she got 2 bronze medals and 2 certificates.

Congratulations Aaryansh Joshi

FOOTPRINTS Film Festival- Aaryansh Joshi (VIII B) Documentary- a Monk’s Life- Journey to Nirvana’ has been selected for national screening at the Footprint Film Festival

Congratulations Yug Aggarwal

In the Event Inspire Awards organised by Manak organization: National Innovation Foundation- Dept of Science and Technology, The project ‘Tablo Genie’ was selected on state level and Rs. 10k sanctioned. The original idea comprised of creating a system which can be entrusted to one day, completely take over the nurse’s and caretakers’ plights. This is a collective idea of team where we have tried to put together different types of aids to the patients with bed rest or highly contagious diseases Using this table we see a vision to be able to help both, the patients and the caretakers by automating the most efficient things in the most cost efficient way. The table will be able to move according to a line with inbuilt IR sensors. The led display would blink at a particular time highlighting a particular section such as food, fruits. It features with an IOT /BLUETOOTH based circuit which helps in remote monitoring so that the person who is managing it from distance can monitor it using a webpage/ or Mit  Bluetooth app/ HC-05 APP

Congratulations Arsh Ali

Special Mention: Arsh Ali of XC submitted a video on how we can use Canva for effective designing and his experience about using it. He got the appreciation gift hamper from the Canva Global team.

Achievements of Shaurya Pandit

·         On 22 January 2023 Shaurya won Man of the match against BGN cricket academy for 93 runs.

·         On 29 January 2023 Shaurya won Man of the match award for 126 runs not out against Mapple I cricket academy.

·         On 5th February 2023 Shaurya won 2 awards: Best batsman of the tournament award for 282 runs and he won player of the tournament award for 282 runs, 8 wickets and 5 catches in the tournament. Team won the tournament under his capacity.

·         On 11 February 2023 Shaurya won Man of the match award for 181 runs, 2 wickets and 2 catches against Kalka Maniram cricket academy.

·         On 30th March Shaurya won Man of the Match award for 192 not out against VIBS cricket academy.

·         On 7 April 2023 Shaurya won Man of the match against Capital cricket academy  for 95  runs  and 6 wickets

·         On 22 April  2023 Shaurya won Fighter of the match award for  100  runs and 3 wickets  against South Delhi cricket club.

·         On 6th May Shaurya won 3 awards:

o   Fighter of the day award against South delhi cricket club For 2 wickets

o   Best bowler of the tournament award for  12 wickets

o   Best All rounder of the tournament for 388 runs and 12 wickets

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