Road Safety Activities

  1. Poster Making
  2. Power Point Presentation
  3. Role Play preparation
  4. Sharing Real-Life Incidents/Anecdotes


The students of Class IX A are briefed on Road Safety Rules every Tuesday in the NSS period. The students always participate enthusiastically in the interactive sessions. Various activities were assigned to the students in the NSS Period .They even share anecdotes of road accidents of their family and friends. In fact, they seem to have a fairly good understanding of Road Safety Rules as they are able to express how road accidents take place because of negligence and ignorance on part of people. A session on Road Safety was conducted by Delhi Traffic department in the school. A group of 3-4 students conducted a session to spread awareness on road safety in various classes. The participation (expression, eagerness and presentation) of the students in all the activities related to Road Safety was commendable and praiseworthy.


Date of the event – 25th August 2023 

Resource person – Mr. Kulvinder Sharma and Mr. Gurvesh Kumar

A session on road safety was conducted for the students of Class IX. Two traffic police officers conducted a session for the students on road safety. It was an interactive session. The resource people asked questions to check on the awareness of the students on road safety measures. First, they told the students about the lanes that we see on the road, why they are different from each other, and what kinds of vehicles are meant for different lanes. They also told us how to wear a helmet because if the helmets are not worn properly, it can also cause death. They informed us about the consequences of minors driving vehicles on the road and also about the three courts in which cases of accidents caused by different kinds of vehicles are filed. Information on different kinds of penalties that can be levied in case people drive without any license was also shared with the students. 

The resource persons also told the students about the age group the children that is considered eligible where they can sit on the front seat of a two-wheeler.  At the end of the session, a piece of important information on how to identify the right quality of helmet and how to differentiate between the real and duplicate. A duplicate brand of a helmet can put one’s life at risk. A helmet with an ISI mark and its code can be identified as authentic and safe for the rider and the pillion rider.   Finally, a few short videos that can spread awareness were shown to the students. 

This session was very informative and encouraged many students to stay safe and keep others safe. 

Disaster Management

Disaster management in schools is crucial for preparing students to respond effectively to natural and man-made disasters. It equips them with life-saving skills and knowledge.

In our school, class IX B, under NSS conducted discussions on various disasters, including earthquakes and fires. Students learned dos and don’ts during emergencies. Students of the class prepared skits to simulate disaster scenarios, teaching other classes how to react during and after a disaster.

Students were educated about the importance of staying calm, finding safe locations, and assisting others. They learned not to panic, avoid elevators during earthquakes and follow evacuation protocols.

Mock drills and skits were conducted to illustrate proper responses to fires and earthquakes, enabling students to grasp essential safety measures in emergency situations.

We emphasize the significance of post-disaster rescue and first aid training. Students are trained to provide basic medical assistance and support to victims, until professional help arrives.

Disaster management in schools is vital to ensure the safety and well-being of students and the entire school community if any disaster occurs suddenly in the school.


Tech Buddy

An innovative project for the National Service Scheme (NSS) that could bring about a significant positive impact for hearing-impaired children.

The project idea centres on creating a recreational video that incorporates hand signs along with synchronized audio and visuals. The primary aim of this project is to assist hearing-impaired children in building creativity, effectively through sign language. We have attached a sample video to provide you with a few of the videos made by the students of class IX C.

The project involves dividing our class into several groups, each responsible for creating a video that focuses on various stories, folk tales and educational videos. By presenting these concepts visually and through hand signs, we aim to bridge the communication gap that often exists for hearing-impaired children.

Here are some key points to highlight about our project:

1. Inclusivity – This project emphasizes inclusivity and aims to provide equal learning opportunities to all children, irrespective of their abilities. It aligns perfectly with the ethos of our school to nurture well-rounded individuals.

2. Innovation – The integration of audio, visuals, and hand signs in the instructional video makes this project truly unique. It leverages technology and creative communication methods to make learning more engaging and effective.

3. Community Impact – The project’s impact extends beyond the classroom. It has the potential to positively affect the lives of not only the hearing-impaired children but also their families, teachers, and the larger community which fosters thinking and creativity.

This project is a unique opportunity to make a substantial contribution to society while learning valuable lessons about empathy, teamwork, and the power of education.

Generation Global


An overview of Generation Global was provided to the students of class IX D. Learners were explained the purpose of the platform, its benefits, and how it aligns with the goals of the course. The key features, such as the ability to connect with peers from different countries and engage in dialogue about global issues, were highlighted. The students were informed about the importance of respectful and open-minded communication when interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds.

All students were guided through the process of registering, with Introductory Module, explained and discussed in the class, on the Generation Global website. They were given clear instructions on how to create their profiles and join the class group on the platform.


Students of Class IX D participated in a video conference with students from schools across India on 13 July 2023. The conference aimed to explore the pressing issue of fake news in the context of social media and its implications on truth and society.

The students engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the topic “What is truth, and does truth matter anymore?” The conversation centered around their experiences, observations, and understanding of how fake news spreads through social media platforms.

Many students shared their personal encounters with fake news on social media. They discussed instances where misleading information was presented as fact, and they pointed out the challenges of distinguishing between genuine news and misinformation. Several students admitted that they had initially believed fake news stories before discovering the truth through fact-checking.

When asked how they identified fake news, the students highlighted the importance of critical thinking and cross-referencing information from multiple reliable sources. They emphasized the role of fact-checking websites and urged their peers to question the credibility of sources before accepting information as true.

The impact of fake news on individuals and society was a key point of discussion. Students shared how fake news could influence public opinion, create confusion, and even incite fear and panic. They mentioned instances where false information had led to unwarranted social unrest and misinformation-driven decisions.

The participants recognized that the impact of fake news extends beyond their immediate communities. They acknowledged that false information can quickly spread across the globe, affecting people’s perceptions and behaviours on a large scale. They expressed concern about the erosion of trust in media and institutions due to the prevalence of misinformation.

The role of social media platforms in the spread of fake news was thoroughly debated. While acknowledging the benefits of social media in connecting people and sharing information, students also highlighted the speed at which misinformation can spread on these platforms. They discussed the need for social media companies to implement stricter content verification and moderation measures.

The Generation Global video conference on Fake News and Social Media provided a platform for students to engage in a meaningful dialogue about the challenges posed by fake news in the digital age. The participants demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of critical thinking, fact-checking, and responsible media consumption. They recognized the need for collective efforts to combat fake news and promote a more informed and truthful online environment.

The conference served as a reminder of the critical role that the younger generation plays in shaping the narrative around fake news and social media. As the students continue to navigate the digital landscape, they are equipped with insights that will enable them to approach information with scepticism, discernment, and a commitment to upholding the truth.



A highly enlightening workshop was organized by the Generation Global team to emphasize the significance of dialogue in cultivating global citizenship. The session aimed to familiarize students with the power of dialogue as a tool for driving positive change and fostering understanding across diverse cultures and perspectives. The workshop was graced by the presence of the esteemed Resource Person, Ms. Aishwirya Chauhan, Partnerships SA Coordinator at Generation Global.

The primary objective of the workshop was to underscore the pivotal role that dialogue plays in shaping global citizens who are open-minded, empathetic, and equipped to engage constructively in a rapidly interconnected world. The session aimed to provide students with a profound insight into the transformative potential of dialogue in addressing global challenges and promoting intercultural harmony.

Ms. Aishwirya Chauhan commenced the workshop by delivering an insightful opening address. She emphasized the need for individuals to transcend boundaries and engage in meaningful conversations to bridge the gaps of misunderstanding and ignorance. Through thought-provoking anecdotes and real-life examples, Ms. Chauhan illustrated how dialogue has the power to dissolve prejudices, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society. 


Students of Class IXD participated in a thought-provoking video conference organized by Generation Global on 17 August 2023 with students from other school across India. The conference revolved around the exploration of inequality and equality, with a focus on various topics such as racism, sexism, land rights, freedom of belief, and slavery. Students engaged in discussions that prompted them to reflect on their own experiences of inequality and equality, the factors contributing to inequality in their community, and the impact of factors like language, access to technology, age, and location on the video conference experience.

During the conference, students were encouraged to share their own encounters with inequality or instances of witnessing equality. Many students recounted stories that shed light on the profound impact of systemic racism and sexism. Some shared personal experiences of being treated unfairly based on their gender, race, or cultural background. These stories highlighted the importance of addressing and dismantling discriminatory practices within society.

Participants engaged in a deep exploration of the factors contributing to inequality in their community. They identified socioeconomic disparities, unequal access to education and healthcare, and lack of opportunities as significant contributors. Discrimination based on gender, race, and economic status emerged as prevailing issues. Students also acknowledged how historical legacies, such as colonialism and slavery, continue to shape present-day inequalities.

The discussion extended to the impact of various factors on the video conference experience. Language emerged as a barrier for some students who were participating in their second or third language, making it challenging to fully engage in the dialogue. Limited access to technology created disparities in participation, as some students faced difficulties joining the conference due to technological constraints. Additionally, age and location played a role, with students from remote areas facing connectivity issues that hindered their active involvement.

The students also shared their proactive measures to support equality within their community. Initiatives such as awareness campaigns, workshops, and community dialogues were mentioned. Students expressed their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, challenging stereotypes, and standing up against discriminatory behaviours. Some students highlighted the importance of education in fostering empathy and understanding, aiming to break the cycle of inequality.

In conclusion, the video conference organized by Generation Global provided an invaluable platform for the participants to delve into the complexities of inequality and equality. Through discussions on personal experiences, factors contributing to inequality, and the impact of various factors on engagement, students gained a deeper understanding of these issues. The conference served as a catalyst for their commitment to taking meaningful actions to foster equality within their community.


Video conference on Hate Speech Online

Time & date: 28.08.2023, 12:30 pm

Participating countries: Mexico, Indonesia

Project Re

Our NSS activity named as, ‘Project Re’, showcased a brilliant transformation of old trophies into functional and aesthetic items. We creatively repurposed these trophies into mirrors, lamps, pen stands, and planters, giving them a new life. Our team, with the help of the school’s support staff, took great care to disassemble the trophies and salvage their components, which were ingeniously integrated into the new designs.

During the Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM), we set up a stall to exhibit our creations. The response was overwhelming, with many appreciating the sustainable approach to décor. The reuse of trophies involved careful cleaning, painting, and reassembly, showcasing our commitment to environmental responsibility. ‘Project Re’ demonstrated our resourcefulness and raised awareness about upcycling and reducing waste.


  • Ms. Mamta Sinha
  • Ms. Susmita Mohanty

Youth Ambassadors for Tourism

Student-Guided Tour to Humayun’s Tomb to class X B

Date: August 19th, 2023 (Saturday)

In a unique and educational twist, a group of nine students, Angel, Advik, Ayushi, Sonakshi, Ishaan, Nayana, Garv, Yashneil, and Pranamya of Class X B, took on the roles of guides, leading their Nursery and KG teachers on an enlightening Heritage Walk to the renowned Humayun’s Tomb on August 19, 2023. This unconventional approach to learning turned out to be an engaging blend of history, architecture, and exploration, leaving a lasting impact on both the student guides and their teacher-tourists.

Stepping into the Past:

As the sun rose on a Saturday morning, the group assembled at the entrance of Humayun’s Tomb, eager to embark on their journey. The students, armed with their newfound knowledge and enthusiasm, were about to take their teachers on a captivating trip through time. The historic significance of the monument was not lost on anyone as they crossed into the lush gardens that surrounded the tomb complex.

Student-Guides as Historians:

With a sense of pride and purpose, the student guides led the way, sharing their meticulously researched insights about Emperor Humayun’s life, his contributions, and the architectural marvel that was his final resting place. Their narratives were not mere recitations from textbooks; they breathed life into the past, offering personal interpretations and anecdotes that made history come alive.

Architectural Marvels Explored:

As the group reached Humayun’s Tomb, the student guides highlighted the intricacies of the architecture. They described the symmetrical layout, the Persian-inspired elements, and the meticulous detailing that adorned the façade. Their explanations weren’t just informative; they were an expression of genuine fascination and admiration for the artistry of the monument.

Learning through Exchange:

Throughout the tour, the teachers embraced their roles as tourists, absorbing the information shared by their student guides with keen interest. The exchange of knowledge and the reversal of roles created an atmosphere of mutual learning, where questions were asked, discussions were sparked, and insights were gained from unexpected sources.

Cultural Appreciation and Reflection:

The students delved into the cultural significance of tombs in Islamic history, explaining how they honor the deceased and serve as symbols of respect. This brought forth discussions about the importance of heritage preservation and cultural appreciation, prompting reflections on the value of historical landmarks.

As the tour concluded, it was evident that this unique experience had left an enduring mark on all participants. The student-guides had not only showcased their leadership and presentation skills but also deepened their understanding of history and architecture. The teacher-tourists, on the other hand, were inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of their students, experiencing firsthand the joy of immersive learning.


The Student-Guided Tour to Humayun’s Tomb on August 19, 2023, was a resounding success, turning the conventional teacher-student dynamic on its head. Angel, Advik, Ayushi, Sonakshi, Ishaan, Nayana, Garv, Yashneil, and Pranamya displayed remarkable maturity and passion as they shared their knowledge and insights. The teachers, in turn, embraced their roles as eager learners, resulting in a truly enriching experience for all. This innovative approach to education demonstrated the power of hands-on, student-driven learning, proving that knowledge shared from one generation to the next can create meaningful connections and a profound appreciation for the world’s cultural heritage.

Green Brigade

April 2023

The Litter Less Campaign, led by the dedicated Eco Club students, made a tangible impact by increasing awareness, fostering behavioral change, and engaging the community in responsible waste management practices. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the potential for creating a litter-free and sustainable environment.

The cleanliness drive on “Say No to Plastics” achieved significant outcomes, including:

  1. Increased Awareness: The awareness campaign successfully educated students, teachers, and the community about the adverse effects of plastic pollution.
  2. Behavior Change: Many students and teachers made a conscious effort to reduce their usage of plastic and started using eco-friendly alternatives.
  3. Cleanup Results: A substantial amount of plastic waste was collected and properly disposed of or sent for recycling. d. Collaborative Efforts: The initiative fostered teamwork and collaboration among the Eco Club students, teachers, and volunteers.

Earth Day Carnival, 21 April 2023

The TIS Green Brigade celebrated Earth Day 2023 by organizing a carnival for the students of the primary and
middle school wing. The central theme of the carnival was “Rethink Waste.” There were various stalls put up with
interesting activities that aimed at fostering the 5 R principles -Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover.

Students learned to reuse old T-shirts by hand painting the same with their friends. News paper and paper waste
was turned into attractive jewellery, bags, envelopes, and accessories. Students also learned to reuse e-waste by
making beautiful windchimes out of old CDs & other electronic waste material.
The TIS, theatre group also presented a skit in which students performed enactments of famous environmentalists
like Sunderlal Bahuguna, Jadav Payeng, Medha Patkar, Dr. Salim Ali, and Gretta Thunberg. Treasure hunt, Photo
booth and the Tattoo stalls added to the excitement of the Tagoreans.
Overall, it was a fun-filled learning experience for all, after all mother earth is worth celebrating!!!

May 2023
Awareness workshop: How lifestyle impacts the environment.

Awareness workshop on how lifestyle impacts the environment, led by the dedicated Eco Club students effectively
highlighted the interconnection between lifestyle choices and the environment. By promoting simple actions such as
switching off lights when not in use and taking a moment to appreciate silence, the workshop aimed to instill eco-
conscious habits in the students. The event served as a catalyst for positive change and inspired the participants to
actively contribute towards a greener and more sustainable future

July 2023
Celebrating Van Mahotsav

Eco Club students and teachers participated in a tree plantation drive at Asola Bhatti Wildlife scantuary on 22 July

Poster-Making Competition

Theme: Conserving Biodiversity

Class VI students engaged in a creative poster-making activity centered on conserving biodiversity. With vibrant colors and compelling imagery, they depicted the beauty of diverse ecosystems and highlighted the urgent need to protect them. This hands-on activity aimed to inspire young conservationists and raise awareness about the crucial role biodiversity plays in our world.

Quiz: Wildlife Conservation

Students of class VIII participated in an enlightening quiz focused on conserving biodiversity. The quiz explored various aspects of biodiversity, including its importance, threats, and conservation strategies. This event aimed to instill a sense of responsibility for our planet’s diverse ecosystems and encourage proactive steps towards preserving them.

Open Forum on “Should animal testing be lagalised?”

Class IX students participated in an open forum discussion on the controversial topic of legalizing animal testing. They eloquently debated the ethical, scientific, and societal aspects surrounding this issue. The forum provided a platform for critical thinking and encouraged students to form well-informed opinions on this complex subject.

August 2023

Theme: Zero Garbage concept in School

Freedom From Waste Campaign.

The “Freedom from Waste” initiative aimed to make Independence Day a meaningful and eco-conscious event. Through this campaign, we endeavored to educate our students on the importance of minimizing waste and adopting eco-friendly practices.

Key Highlights:

  1. Packaging-Free Tiffin: We are pleased to report that a significant majority of our students adhered to the directive of using packaging-free tiffins. This resulted in a substantial reduction in single-use packaging waste on Independence Day. The commitment of both students and parents to this aspect of the campaign was truly commendable.
  2. Zero-Waste Snacks: Our students embraced the concept of zero-waste snacks with enthusiasm. Fresh fruits, nuts, sandwiches, and homemade treats were the preferred choices, significantly reducing waste generated from snack packaging.
  3. Reusable Water Bottles: The campaign also made a notable impact in reducing single-use plastic bottles. Many students brought their reusable water bottles, filled with water or healthy beverages, thereby contributing to our mission of waste reduction.
  4. Awareness Talk: The short awareness talk conducted for the students was well-received. It succeeded in raising awareness about the importance of waste reduction and inspired a sense of responsibility toward the environment.

The “Freedom from Waste” campaign exemplified our dedication to fostering environmental consciousness among our students. It underscored the idea that small, individual actions can collectively make a significant impact on our environment. The success of this campaign reflects the dedication of our students, the support of their parents, and the commitment of our educators.

Freedom From Waste Video for Social Media : https://youtu.be/OC1B9aqkx0k

September 2023

Theme: Clean & Green Environment

Ozone Day Celebration

In celebration of Ozone Day, our school organized a vibrant poster-making competition and engaging talks. Students showcased their creativity through thought-provoking posters, emphasizing the importance of ozone layer protection. Additionally, informative talks, by the members of the Green Brigade,provided valuable insights into the role of ozone in safeguarding our planet and inspired a sense of environmental responsibility among our school community.

Big Buddy

The students of class X D are engaged in a program called Big Buddy. Under this program each student is paired with another student from the junior school to help the latter with his/her academics and conversational skills.

Every Wednesday “Big Buddy” sessions are held within the school working hours wherein the big buddies develop rapport with their little buddies and help them with conversational skills, reading, spellings and basic Mathematics. The students really care for their buddies and devise various ways to help their little buddies in improving their academic performance and in their holistic development.

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