Theatre Meets Science (15-7-2024)

Grade seven students participated in an enriching workshop, “Education Through Theatre,” led by Mr. Abhinav Singhal, where interactive theatre games and dramatizations helped them understand scientific concepts.

 The session concluded with a Q&A, providing further insights into integrating theatre with education.

Workshop on "A Brush with Indian Art" (3-5-2024)

Mamta Nainy, a well-known writer, editor, and translator from New Delhi, held an engaging Meet the Author discussion during Book Week. Her acclaimed work “A Brush with Indian Art” demonstrated her expertise in children’s literature.

Workshop on "Creativity through Cartoons" (1-5-2024)

Renowned Cartoonist, Mr. Ajay Narayan conducted a Cartoon Workshop for students, teaching them the art of creating cartoons and mastering its nuances. The workshop offered valuable insights and skills, empowering students to express their creativity through cartoons.

Workshop on Future of the world in my classroom

Navigating the Geospatial Frontier: Unlocking the Power of GIS

Dr. Taruna Bansal, a respected professor at Jamia Millia Islamia, recently shared her expertise on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with our geography students. She explained the history, uses, and advantages of GIS in a way that made it accessible to everyone. She gave insights to the practical applications of GIS across different fields.

Career in Design

The design workshop conducted on April 23, 2024, for students in XI & XII, delved into diverse aspects of design careers, spanning graphic design, product design, and beyond. Facilitated by Ms. Yashika Munjal, recognized for her proficiency in speculative design and pottery, the session offered valuable insights into industry trends and prospects. Ms. Munjal’s accolades include the esteemed Elle Decor International Design Award, and she served as a jury member for the 2024 Student Design Award at the Royal Society of Arts, London.

AI: Shaping Tomorrow's World

The AI workshop, led by a distinguished AI specialist, Mr. Vedant Ahluwalia from Stanford University, offered students invaluable insights into how AI is revolutionizing various fields. Through engaging discussions students gained a deeper understanding of AI’s potential to transform industries such as healthcare, finance, and transportation. The workshop underscored AI’s future potential, stressing its influence on our lifestyles, professional landscapes, and interactions with technology, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm among participants.

Empowering Youth Against Substance Abuse

The Prahari club’s class on substance abuse, guided by Mr. Rajiv Shaw, gave kids important info for making smart choices. Mr. Shaw, with his 35 years of experience, used easy-to-understand methods, like talking about real-life situations. Students learned about the bad effects of drugs and how to stay safe.

Delhi Cyber Cell Police Hosts Transformative Cyber Safety Workshop for Students

The Delhi Cyber Cell Police conducted a cyber-safety workshop for students, highlighting the dangers of the internet and promoting responsible digital citizenship. Key topics included identifying cyber threats, safe internet usage practices, and understanding the legal implications of cybercrimes. The workshop aimed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the online world securely. The session  promoted cyber safety awareness and fostering responsible digital behavior among the students.

"A Culinary Conversation" at Indian Habitat Centre

On 12th March, 2024 a workshop was conducted on “A Culinary Conversation” at  Indian Habitat Centre. It was a great and enriching workshop as it was an event related to food made from millets and a book launch named- First Food : Future of taste. Along with getting to know the experience by meeting various famous chefs and learning from them by visualising them making different delicacies from millets.

We met chef Manjeet Gill along with Rajiv Malhotra and Jatin maliick and got to know how they became a successful chef, it was a fun time meeting them also we tried various recipes made by them from millets on the spot such as vegetable paella, sattu roti all made from easy and affordable ingredients and delicious at the same time.

Overall it was a fantastic experience to meet chefs and taste their delicious recipes.

workshop on "Education through Monuments"

workshop on "(write) Right to express"

Subject Expert session on "English" (5-12-23)

Subject Expert session on "Computer science" (5-12-23)

Subject Expert session on "Biology" (4-12-23)

Workshop on "E Waste management" for classes VIII and IX (1-11-23)

Workshop on "Plastic Management System" for classes VI and VII (6-10-23)

Workshop on NASTA (15-9-2023)

Workshop on Preventing Spinal Cord Injuries

The workshop titled ‘Prevention of spinal cord injuries’ was conducted on 01/09/23. The primary objective of this workshop was to educate students about the importance of spinal cord injury prevention and equip them with knowledge and strategies to reduce the risk of such injuries.

Dr. Sachin Sharma (consultant and robotic spine surgeon), Dr. Ankit Sharma (spine rehab coordinator) and Dr. Shanu Srivastava (clinical psychologist) discussed the key preventive strategies, such as proper seatbelt use and car safety, helmet usage in sports and recreational activities, safe lifting practices and fall prevention techniques.

The workshop also covered the crucial steps to take in case of a spinal cord injury, stressing the need for immediate medical attention and proper handling of injured individuals.

Road Safety Awareness Session -II on 25 August 2023

A session on road safety was conducted for the students of Class IX. Two traffic police officers conducted a session for the students on road safety. It was an interactive session. The resource people asked questions to check on the awareness of the students on road safety measures. First, they told the students about the lanes that we see on the road, why they are different from each other, and what kinds of vehicles are meant for different lanes. They also told us how to wear a helmet because if the helmets are not worn properly, it can also cause death. They informed us about the consequences of minors driving vehicles on the road and also about the three courts in which cases of accidents caused by different kinds of vehicles are filed. Information on different kinds of penalties that can be levied in case people drive without any license was also shared with the students.

The resource persons also told the students about the age group the children that are considered eligible where they can sit on the front seat of a two-wheeler.  At the end of the session, a piece of important information on how to identify the right quality of helmet and how to differentiate between the real and duplicate. A duplicate brand of a helmet can put one’s life at risk. A helmet with an ISI mark and its code can be identified as authentic and safe for the rider and the pillion rider.   Finally, a few short videos that can spread awareness were shown to the students.

This session was very informative and encouraged many students to stay safe and keep others safe. 

Demystifying Human brain (24-08-2023)

Workshop on Sexuality (18-08-2023)

Workshop on Generation Global on 17 August 2023

Students of Class IXD participated in a thought-provoking video conference organized by Generation Global on 17 August 2023 with students from other school across India. The conference revolved around the exploration of inequality and equality, with a focus on various topics such as racism, sexism, land rights, freedom of belief, and slavery. Students engaged in discussions that prompted them to reflect on their own experiences of inequality and equality, the factors contributing to inequality in their community, and the impact of factors like language, access to technology, age, and location on the video conference experience.

During the conference, students were encouraged to share their own encounters with inequality or instances of witnessing equality. Many students recounted stories that shed light on the profound impact of systemic racism and sexism. Some shared personal experiences of being treated unfairly based on their gender, race, or cultural background. These stories highlighted the importance of addressing and dismantling discriminatory practices within society.

A session on Accountancy was conducted by Dr Vikas Vijay on 10 August 2023

A session on Accountancy was conducted by Dr Vikas Vijay on 10 August 2023.Vikas Vijay Sir shared with us exceptional and helpful strategies to tackle the challenges we may encounter while studying not only Accountancy but also other subjects.

Dr Vikas Vijay first showed us the blueprint of the Accountancy Board exam 2023 – 24, which included the probable chapters from which questions may be given. This was followed by a quiz, wherein the students of Class XII had to answer questions from the previous year’s sample papers and board papers of Accountancy.

Ms Archana, a counsellor, who had accompanied Dr Vikas Vijay gave us detailed information related to CUET and other entrance exams of various colleges around India. Moreover, she cleared our doubts and questions related to the entrance exam dates and paper pattern.

All in all, this session was an eye-opener for us, Class 12 students. It motivated us to develop new study techniques instead of using the traditional method of rote learning. We learnt to work not only hard but also smartly for our board and entrance exams. We learnt how to develop strategies for studying that will help in the retention of information and content of the chapters effortlessly. We would appreciate further sessions like these that expose us to various valuable study tips!

A session on Stock Market was organized by Mr Manoj Bangia and Ms Aastha Bangia for classes XI and XII (Commerce stream) on 4 August 2023

As commerce students stock market is a very essential field that we all need to decode and explore and the route was made much easier by Manoj sir and Aastha Ma’am. 

From today’s session we realized how important it is to invest rather than to save to grow our money and to beat the depreciation of money. We learnt about the types of financial markets, different aspect of share market, symbols related to it, institutions such as SEBI, NSE, BSE, NSDL, CDSL, ways to buy and sell a share, T+2 settlement system, and a lot more things regarding the stock market. Manoj sir provided us with his valuable experiences which will surely assist us in our future. Our doubts and confusion related to stock market were also answered by Sir. At last, we were shown the types of analysis i.e. fundamental and technical. We learnt a lot of parameters through which we can filter out a fundamentally ‘must buy stock action’. Ms Aastha explained us about the technical part of analysis by showing candlestick chart of many companies and gave us tips regarding trading challenges.

We are grateful for the deep insights and tricks shared by Manoj sir and Aastha ma’am; it will surely be helping us a lot in our future trading and investments. We await a session on Stock Market Scams in the future!

Workshop on Generation Global (2-8-2023)

A highly enlightening workshop was organized by the Generation Global team to emphasize the significance of dialogue in cultivating global citizenship. The session aimed to familiarize students with the power of dialogue as a tool for driving positive change and fostering understanding across diverse cultures and perspectives. The workshop was graced by the presence of the esteemed Resource Person, Ms. Aishwirya Chauhan, Partnerships SA Coordinator at Generation Global.

The primary objective of the workshop was to underscore the pivotal role that dialogue plays in shaping global citizens who are open-minded, empathetic, and equipped to engage constructively in a rapidly interconnected world. The session aimed to provide students with a profound insight into the transformative potential of dialogue in addressing global challenges and promoting intercultural harmony.

Ms. Aishwirya Chauhan commenced the workshop by delivering an insightful opening address. She emphasized the need for individuals to transcend boundaries and engage in meaningful conversations to bridge the gaps of misunderstanding and ignorance. Through thought-provoking anecdotes and real-life examples, Ms. Chauhan illustrated how dialogue has the power to dissolve prejudices, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Workshop on Cyber Security for classes VI to VIII ON 21/07/2023

Cyber security in today’s world is indeed an area of concern; a lot of people use the internet now for work, for entertainment, and more. Children use digital resources both as part of their studies as well as recreation. To address the issue of healthy and safe use of Internet, a session was organised by the IBM Skillsbuild master classes.

Life skills workshop for classes IX & XII (12.07.2023)

A workshop showcasing an interactive movie was organised for classes IX & X. The workshop was conducted by CSR Box Foundation to empower teenagers with the right set of life skills in an interactive learning format. The session focused on issues like bullying, peer pressure, and underage lifestyle habits such as addiction.  It emphasised on early intervention by teaching strategies and skills to cope with pressures in real-life situations.

Workshop on “Spin a Tale” in Max Muller Bhavan

German learners of class VII, VIII and X got the opportunity to attend the workshop “Spin a Tale” in Max Mueller bhavan.

In this creative workshop the students have learned to create figures and spin stories around them with their hands. They have created short stories in the German language.

Workshop on Substance Use by Dr. Aparjita on 23 March 2023

In an endeavour to raise awareness among the students about the various substances and their harmful effects, a workshop on Substance Use was conducted for the students of Class X on 22 March 2023.

Dr. Aparjita, the resource person, discussed various substances like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs that are commonly used and highlighted the immediate and long-term harmful effects of substance use on the body and brain, such as impaired cognitive function, memory loss, decreased attention span, reduced decision-making abilities, and risk-taking behaviour. Additionally, she emphasized on the impact of substance use on mental health, including depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders.

To evaluate the students’ understanding of the topic, a quiz was conducted at the end of the session. The students also shared what they learned from the workshop and it was encouraging to see that the students were receptive to the information presented.

Anti-bullying session for students of classes VI to IX held on 24/01/2023

Tagore International School, EOK has a zero tolerance towards bullying. This session was an attempt to prevent bullying in the school. The session began with a skit followed by reflections and learning from the skit.

Organised for students of classes VI to IX it aimed to sensitize students on the Detrimental effects of bullying. Through this skit we aimed to support children who are bullied and redirect the behaviour of children who bully, and change the attitudes of others.

CUET Session for students of classes XI held on 24/01/2023

The session was conducted in collaboration with Career Launcher. It aimed to acquaint students with various domains of CUET, its eligibility criteria, application procedure, various courses available and its relevance worldwide. The experts also addressed students’ queries and put their qualms to rest.

Stress Management for students of classes IX & XI held on 23/01/2023

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another!!!!!

Stress management workshop was conducted by Mr. Nitin Anandi Lal for the students of classes IX & XI on 23rd January 2023. Mr. Lal has done MPhil. (Clinical Psychology) from Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, and is registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India. He is the Director of Udayan Mental Health Care- Unleashing the Potential, in New Delhi and is also a practicing as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, Ghaziabad.

He is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) from The Beck Institute, Philadelphia, USA; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He is trained to administer Virtual Reality Therapy for various Anxiety Disorders and to use Bio-feedback as an integral management strategy. Apart from doing Psychological Assessments for Children, he has keen interest in management Childhood Disorders. He is a qualified COGMED Coach for Working Memory Training. Mr. Lal has presented papers in Scientific Conferences in India and abroad and has also published a paper in an Peer Reviewed International Journal.

The objective of this workshop was to acquaint students with the causes and effects of stress and to equip them with the techniques of de stressing. With the increased pressure from parents, peers and heightened expectations from self to succeed in academic life, this workshop was indeed the need of the hour. It was a highly interactive workshop, where students got an opportunity to address their concerns to an expert.

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