Tagoreans Dazzle at Greek National Day Celebration

Specially invited by the Greek Embassy, the Tagoreans presented the Greek folk song “Aaspra Kokkina Kitrina Ble” (white, red, yellow, blue) to dignitaries, captivating all with their choir’s performance on Greek National Day, bringing the colors of the Aegean Sea to India. Their enchanting rendition echoed the beauty of cultural exchange, earning accolades from the esteemed gathering. With each note, spirits soared, fostering friendship between nations. Their talent and dedication showcased the transformative power of music, leaving an enduring impression on hearts, earning special recognition from the Greek ambassador and Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi. The choir, under the guidance of our skilled Music Teacher, Ms. Reeta, and dynamic alumna, Aroma, shone brightly.

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